Health insurance application has been around for over 20 years providing services to consumers coast to coast and we are pleased to announce we now offer a direct to consumer health insurance plan that will allow consumers to save money every month as well as see lower rate increases because we do not have to pay agent commissions anymore.

Short term health insurance applications online direct to the consumer offer significant savings for 364 days of coverage

Temporary health insurance applications are available for 30 to 90 days of coverage designed to help fill the gap while you’re waiting for your group plan or your ACA plan to start

Health insurance applications for faith based or risk pool policies are available to members in the United States that are eligible and comply with the protocols of the faith based health insurance application plans but tend to offer a lower monthly out-of-pocket expense and put some of the cost management Burton back on the customer

Health insurance application software as a service platform to help manage large group and self-insured individuals or companies is also available

Senior health and Sherance applications are also available for individuals looking for Medicare supplemental or Medigap insurance plans to cover what Medicare part a and Medicare part B do not cover

Health insurance application is proud to be on the leading edge of technology providing high-quality customer service and reducing overall costs to protect you and your family